[SLP] SLP Performance, Toms River New Jersey

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[SLP] SLP Performance, Toms River New Jersey

Post by Jeroen » 26 Aug 2013, 15:01

[SLP] SLP Performance, Toms River New Jersey

Phone: (732) 349-2109
Email: sales@slponline.com 

SLP was founded in 1986 by Ed Hamburger. Our mission was to provide late model Camaro and Firebird owners with a complete selection (One-Stop-Shopping) of “Street Legal Performance” products that would enhance the performance, handling and fuel economy of their cars.

In 1988 SLP introduced the Performance Parts Industry’s first “Emission Legal” performance package for the new Camaro/Firebird that led to a formal relationship with GM’s Performance Parts division, enabling performance enthusiasts to purchase SLP’s products directly from any GM dealer throughout the country.

1991 represented the next milestone in our exciting 27 year history, when GM approved SLP’s request for our first specialty vehicle program, the 1992 Firebird-based Firehawk. All 1992 Firehawks were built in SLP’s Toms River facility and delivered to Pontiac dealers throughout the country.

In 1995 Chevrolet approved SLP’s Ship-Through specialty vehicle program, based off the 4th Gen Camaro Z28. They also allowed SLP to use one of the most hallowed names in Chevrolet’s history, the Camaro SS. In 1996 SLP introduced its first Camaro SS to the automotive world and received rave reviews for its stunning performance, handling and appearance.

Over the next eight years SLP produced over 55,000 GM specialty vehicles out of our 140,000 sq ft. Montreal-based assembly facility, for GM and its Chevy and Pontiac dealers. They included the Camaro SS and RS models, along with the Firebird-based Firehawk, WS-6 and Comp T/A models. In August of 2002, GM ended production of the 4th generation Camaro/Firebird, along with SLP’s Camaro SS and Firehawk programs.

At that point SLP focused on expanding its Direct-to-Dealer and Aftermarket product lines, resulting in a comprehensive line of performance, handling and appearance products for late-model Detroit- based Muscle Cars including the Camaro, Mustang, Charger and Challenger, along with Full-Sized GM Trucks and SUVs.

In late 2007, SLP was informed that the 5th generation Chevy Camaro would go into production by the 2010 model year. It was also confirmed that no Firebird replacement was planned. Since Firebird was no longer going to be available, and given our intention of producing specialty vehicles for both Chevrolet and Pontiac dealers, it was obvious that the new 2008 Pontiac G8 GT was the only vehicle in Pontiac’s product line-up that made any sense to replace the Firebird. Because the G8 was built off the same vehicle platform as the new Camaro, any Powertrain and Suspension development work done on the G8 would also apply to the new Camaro.

In early 2008, SLP began development of all the performance and appearance components that would eventually make up the G8-based Firehawk supercharged vehicle package. The first Firehawk preproduction prototype was completed in November 2008. After extensive testing and CARB certification was completed, the car was sent to Anne Arbor, Michigan, where Car & Driver magazine completed its road test in early January of 2009. Shortly thereafter the car was given to Motor Week TV that produced a show, based on the Firehawk, which appeared on the Speed Channel in early 2009.

In August 2009, we started production of the G8-based Firehawk Drop-Ship Program. After producing just 34 cars, GM notified SLP that it would not continue G8 production in 2010. A few months later GM announced they were killing the Pontiac brand as well.

Fortunately the Powertrain, Suspension and Body component engineering and product development for SLP’s upcoming 5th Generation Supercharged Camaro Drop-Ship Program was completed at that point, so we immediately focused on start-of-production, which began in October of 2009, and continues to this day in our Toms River, NJ and Troy, MI facilities.

In January 2012 SLP started production of its 525HP Supercharged Escalade Sport Edition and 610HP Supercharged ZL610 Corvette Drop-Ship Programs. As of June 1st, 2012, SLP started production of its 2013 supercharged Sport Edition GM Truck and SUV Drop-Ship Programs.

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