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A dynosheet is the graphical representation of the relation between engine speed and power or torque. Sometimes it shows speed on the horizontal axle rather than engine speed. The power (in BHP ,PS or wheel HP) or torque (LbsFt or Nm) is usually measured at the powered wheel or powered wheel axle(s), and usually in the gear that is closest to a 1:1 gear ratio. Some dynosheet do not show the actual measured data, but use a conversion to plot the graph, either to correct for atmospheric changes (DIN or SAE smoothing are typically used) and/or to correct to show crankshaft power (BHP) rather than (measured) wheel horse power. It depends on many variables how to determine the power loss from crank to wheel; but many tuners use 15% and many will disagree with this figure. We consider it best to show actually measured data with DIN or SAE smoothing.
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Simulador Prestamo Consumo

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