[KOMOTEC]Phase 1K: 210K Turbodrive [Lotus Elise Sport 135, 2002] 212.9 PS / 0 Nm @ 5 PSI

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[KOMOTEC]Phase 1K: 210K Turbodrive [Lotus Elise Sport 135, 2002] 212.9 PS / 0 Nm @ 5 PSI

Post by Jeroen » 26 Apr 2013, 16:48

Phase 1K: 210K Turbodrive created by Komo-Tec [KOMOTEC]

Typical results for a "Lotus Elise Sport 135, 2002": 212.9 PS / 0 Nm @ 5 PSI
For pricing or details on this kit check http://www.komo-tec.com/LOTUS-Elise-MK1 ... ::503.html
More information on the vendor: http://www.komo-tec.com

After the success of our turbodrive concept with Toyota (250S) and Honda (330R) engines, using Rotrex centrifugal chargers, we have decided to introduce a concept for Rover engines as well.

Unlike other compressor concepts we have left the compression ratio at its original level. Instead, we have reduced the turbocharger pressure to 0,35bar. This brings the advantage of reduced effort and costs to dissemble the engine as well as lower charger pressure and temperature. As with the turbodrive concept, we use original pistons.

The concept further includes an optimized charger-air intercooler system. We are using a water-cooled intercooler, which is more expensive than an air-cooled intercooler, but also three times more effective. The charger-air temperatures are therefore considerably (up to 40C) lower than with an air-cooled system.

The kit can be fitted on Elise 120hp and 160hp Rover engines (Elise 111 / 111R). The indicated performance values relate to 111R.

The conversion consists of:

Rotrex centrifugal charger C30 series
Boost hoses silicone
Enlarged alloy throttle body (only 120hp model)
Free mapable ECU
Sports camshaft inlet/outlet "compressor" (only 120PS models)
Oil cooling kit with Aeroquip connectors and hoses
Airbox System
Watercooled charger-air intercooler with heat exchanger at the front of the vehicle
Hoses and electric water pump
Programming of the ECU on the rolling road
Power curve

Performance: 212hp at 5900 U/min (VVC Modell) ca. 198hp at 5800U/min (120hp model)

Torque: 250Nm at 5080 U/min (VVC Modell) ca. 230Nm at 5200U/min (120hp model)

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