[JBS]JBS 05 Stage 2: Fitted and Tuned [Audi S3, 2000] 304.2 PS / 0 Nm @ 0 PSI

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[JBS]JBS 05 Stage 2: Fitted and Tuned [Audi S3, 2000] 304.2 PS / 0 Nm @ 0 PSI

Post by Jeroen » 26 Apr 2013, 16:48

JBS 05 Stage 2: Fitted and Tuned created by jbs auto designs [JBS]

Typical results for a "Audi S3, 2000": 304.2 PS / 0 Nm @ 0 PSI
For pricing or details on this kit check http://www.jbsautodesigns.co.uk/product ... -and-tuned
More information on the vendor: http://www.jbs.co.uk

JBS05 Turbo Upgrade:

Modified compressor housing inlet
C.N.C re-profiled compressor cover for high flow
350bhp capable "billet" custom compressor wheel
Modified seal plate
360 degree performance thrust bearing
Hybrid K04 large trim left hand thread turbine wheel
Lightening and balancing of turbine wheel for
faster 'spool up'
Modified turbine housing
Up-rated twin turbine seals
Cryogenically treated components
10psi wastegate actuator set up with the option to upgrade
Custom-Code Phase 3

All Gaskets and O Rings needed

Forge Motorsport Turbo In Pipe

4 Bar Fuel Pump and Regulator

Oil and coolant

JBS Cast Manifold
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