[GTM]GTM G35 HR 600HP STG2 SUPERCHARGER (TURN KEY) KIT [Infiniti G35 Sedan with VQ35HR] 0 PS / 0 Nm @ 0 PSI

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[GTM]GTM G35 HR 600HP STG2 SUPERCHARGER (TURN KEY) KIT [Infiniti G35 Sedan with VQ35HR] 0 PS / 0 Nm @ 0 PSI

Post by Jeroen » 26 Apr 2013, 16:48

GTM G35 HR 600HP STG2 SUPERCHARGER (TURN KEY) KIT created by GTM Performance Engineering [GTM]

Typical results for a "Infiniti G35 Sedan": 0 PS / 0 Nm @ 0 PSI
For pricing or details on this kit check http://www.gtmotorsports.com/product.ph ... 321&page=3
More information on the vendor: http://www.gtmpower.com/

We are pleased to announce the GTM Stage 2 Supercharger Kit for the G35 Sedan equipped with the VQ35HR motor. The Stage 2 uses the biggest supercharger unit in the Rotrex Line-up, the C38-91. This unit is capable of flowing 82lbs/min of compressed air and is able to spin to 90,000rpm (higher rpm than any other supercharger on the market). The Rotrex supercharger’s unique traction drive also has the highest drive efficiency of any other blower with 98.4% efficiency which means less parasitic losses than traditional gear driven blowers allowing for better fuel economy when your foot isn’t buried in the throttle.


The key to the Rotrex supercharger is unique compactness, efficiency, low noise and reliability and its state of the art traction drive technology.

Great speeds and low noise are just some of the advantages of traction drives over traditional gear transmissions. Traction drives transmit power through friction forces between its rolling elements.

The Rotrex traction drive uses an elastic annulus with a small pre-span to secure contact between the roller planets and the sun shaft with a reasonable force. The patented "ramp effect" increases efficiency and reliability in the transmission by regulating the torque transfer capability on demand through self-adjusting planet geometry.

To enhance performance, the Rotrex traction drive uses a special traction fluid. These fluids are a new family of synthetic hydrocarbon oils and greases offering a series of unique performance advantages. Developed specially for its use in Rotrex superchargers, the SX100 momentarily increases viscosity under high surface pressure, enhancing the traction drive performance by securing the optimum friction between rolling elements while cooling and protecting the system.

This traction drive combined with the latest technology in centrifugal compression, characterized by high adiabatic efficiency and low noise, gives Rotrex superchargers an exceptional competitive edge over any other forced induction solution.

GTM Supercharger kit stages
The GTM Supercharger kit has two different Rotrex compressors to chose from: the C38-81 trim and the C38-91. Combined with our custom compressor housing we will offer three different stages .

Stage zero up to 450 HP (CARB approval in progress)
Stage one up to 500 HP
Stage two up to 600 HP
All of our Supercharger kits are available in two forms. The tuner kit form, so the professional and the end user have the flexibility of choosing what ever fuel and engine management they may desire and feel comfortable using. The second option being a complete kit including fuel and engine management solutions. With that being said, GTM will also offer an extensive range of fuel system and engine management modules to go with our Supercharger kits.

Below is a description of all the components of the STG2 kit :

-Rotrex C38 supercharger
-GTM compressor housing
-GTM Supercharger Billet aluminum brackets
-GTM billet aluminum Sc pulley
-GTM supercharger cooler kit
-Rotrex Supercharger Traction fluid
-4-Ply High Resistance Nomex Silicon couplers
-Stainless Steel T-Bolt clamps
-2.5 x 10 x 24 Bar and Plate Core Intercooler Rated @ 700hp
-Polished aluminum IC Piping
-3” MAF housing
-GTM Oil Filter Relocation Kit
-4.5” diameter Air Intake System
-Turbosmart Bypass Valve
-Pre-made steel braided oil and P.S Supply & Return lines
-All Necessary Hardware and Installation Instructions
-GTM Custom mapped plug and play engine management for optimum engine tune and power .
-GTM Basic fuel system with Bosch EV-14 650CC Injectors and - Walbro 255 Fuel Pump .
-GTM Fuel Pump Voltage Stabilizer Kit
-GTM Custom Drive belt By Bando
-GTM Heavy duty Belt idlers

Some Key points about the GTM supercharger kit

After literally installing and tuning every supercharger kit available for the VQ platform and seeing their short comings, we got the inspiration to develop a kit superior to all others. Problems with the other kits that we wanted to address with our own include: not supplying a descent amount of power, belt breakage and slippage, obnoxious gear lash noises, limited power expansion and lack of the OEM look. Some of the key things we did to achieve our goal are:

SUPERCHARGER NOISE : We chose the Rotrex unit, a very QUIET supercharger compared to anything else on the market .

SUPERCHARGER BRACKETS : Our supercharger bracket is 3 dimensional made out of of thick billet aluminum to prevent any flexing, we also mounted the supercharger unit as close as possible to the engine to limit the amount of flex possible, as well as keep the belt length down between pulleys.

BELT AND TENSIONER DESIGN : We have over 80% belt wrap on our supercharger's pulley and with utilizing the factory automatic belt tensioner over or under tightening is simply not possible.

POWER EXPANSION : Changing the pulley on the super charger is less then a 20 minute job

AESTHETICS : The GTM Supercharger kit maintains the clean OEM look

ENGINE MANAGEMENT: With using the GTM flash we are to able to maintain the OEM drive ability so the car will run like stock, only with a lot more power.

POWER DELIVERY : The GTM supercharger is best bang for the buck out of the box
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