[CHARGERTEC]Citro?n C2 1.4i VTR Superchargerkit [Citroen C2 1.4i VTR with TU3 F2/K] 0 PS / 0 Nm @ 0 PSI

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[CHARGERTEC]Citro?n C2 1.4i VTR Superchargerkit [Citroen C2 1.4i VTR with TU3 F2/K] 0 PS / 0 Nm @ 0 PSI

Post by Jeroen » 26 Aug 2013, 15:23

Citro?n C2 1.4i VTR Superchargerkit created by Chargertech [CHARGERTEC]

Typical results for a "Citroen C2 1.4i VTR": 0 PS / 0 Nm @ 0 PSI
For pricing or details on this kit check http://chargertech.nl/index.php?id_prod ... &id_lang=1
More information on the vendor: http://chargertech.nl/

This superchargerkit with Raptor V supercharger has been developed by Chargertech for the Citroën C2 1.4i VTR.

The kit is normally supplied with intercooler and 5,5psi(0,4 bar) pulley, the kit can also be supplied with a decompression head gasket and smaller pulley to produce 11psi(0,8 bar).

The kit contains the following parts:
-Raptor V supercharger
-5,5 or 11psi pulley
-Larger drive belt
-Air filter and intake hose
-Pressure hose from supercharger to intercooler with dumpvalve connection
-Piping from intercooler to intake valve
-Decompression head gasket(when ordered)

The kit can also be installed on the Citroën Saxo 1.4i and 1.6i 8v with some minor modifications.

The superchargerkit contains all the necessary parts to get the supercharger installed and running on the Citroën C2. When installing this superchargerkit, fuel injection and ignition timing also need to be changed. The parts needed to do so are not included in this kit. For altering this data it's possible to use a piggyback or stand alone engine management system. When required we could also supply these items.

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