[GMC] GMC Motorsport, Newton Stewart GB

Many of these companies do make their own hardware, such as engine or exhaust components. All of them feature their kits on this site. Some specialize in particular brands, other offer various kits and some even generic kits.
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If the company is not listed here, please contact us at vendor@CustomTurboWorld and send a link with the tuner you wish to add.
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[GMC] GMC Motorsport, Newton Stewart GB

Post by Jeroen » 26 Apr 2013, 16:46

[GMC] GMC Motorsport, Newton Stewart GB

Phone: 01671-403606
Email: GMCmotorsportuk@aol.com

Welcome to GMC Motorsport. The following pages are the common areas of our expertise although having said that, if it can or has been done, I am sure we can help and if any particular enquiry is not covered, just ask.

This web site is written by engineers. We are here to provide a full customer service and are able to give honest advice on what to do, unlike a lot of suppliers, whose staff have no first hand knowledge of what goes with what and are just counter hands and shelf pickers. It is no good cherry picking performance parts from a catalogue as they do not necessarily compliment each other.

Sometimes the information we give does not suit or impress the customer as they are wanting us to say what they want to hear and not necessarily what the true position is, a typical instance is they ask about how many bhp a certain modification will give and when told, they say that XYZ tuning company says they can get far more for less money. All I can say is, go there and be prepared to be disappointed by the performance and then decide if the gain was worth the money. A good 40% of our work is devoted to repairing mistakes and poor tuning by previous so called tuning firms. If you want the cheapest whatever, there is no point contacting ourselves, so if you are looking for the cheapest price, save your phone call or email. We are not meaning to be rude or negative just honest, if it is the best job at a reasonable price we hope you will contact ourselves soon.

If anyone has any comments on the above we would welcome any responses either for or against, with reasons.
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