[ESS] esstuning.com, Aremark NO

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[ESS] esstuning.com, Aremark NO

Post by Jeroen » 17 Dec 2012, 22:51

[ESS] esstuning.com, Aremark NO

Phone: 47 1558555
Email: sales@esstuning.com
Dyno: dynojet

ESS - European Supercharging Systems

ESS was founded 1995 in Aremark, Norway. The company started out with a yearly production of 30 SC systems, in 2004 total production passed 1000 SC systems making us the largest BMW supercharger system manufacturer in the world. From 2000, we started offering a constantly growing chip tuning selection for many European models based on our extensive expertise with Bosch and Siemens engine control systems.

In September 2005 our San Diego, California based sales and support center was opened which serviced the North American market. In 2009 we purchased a new manufacturing facility in Phoenix, USA and moved our US sales and marketing team into the same building.

Our goal when developing a new tuning product is to enhance the performance characteristics of the car without compromising comfort, drivability, durability, emissions and fuel consumption under normal driving conditions.

When you purchase a ESS product you can rest assured you get a completely tested product that is proven to perform to specification under all conditions. ESS products are engineered and manufactured to the highest level of quality.

We spend countless hours dyno testing, road testing, and fine tuning engine management software in order to find the perfect engine balance and smoothest power delivery under all load conditions.

We have three goals to meet before any ESS engine related performance product is released for sale :

1. Our extended computerized load dyno test which simulates driving so hard that it is just not possible to drive this hard in real life.
2. We put the development cars through a 50000 mile (80000km) long term test which involves track driving, extreme heat and cold testing, high-speed Autobahn driving for extended periods, and normal everyday driving.
3. The car must have factory like or better driveability and smoothness and it must develop the extra power in a perfectly balanced manner.

When we meet these 3 goals with 100% success then, and only then, the product is released for sale.

What separates ESS from the competition:

-Standard 2 year/unlimited mileage warranty on all street supercharging systems.
-Excellent technical support from trained, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic personnel.
-True OEM quality fit and finish, and designed to fit under the factory hood without any fabricating.
-Designed for maximum performance at safe boost levels on stock unmodified engines.
-Fully OBD-II diagnostics compatible.
-Fast service and support.
-100% complete systems, even down to the wire ties, making installation and ownership easy and trouble free.
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