[RAPTOR]Raptor Subaru Impreza RS 2.5 Stage 1 MY00 - MY05 Kit [Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Automatic, 2005] 160.4 PS / 0 Nm @

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[RAPTOR]Raptor Subaru Impreza RS 2.5 Stage 1 MY00 - MY05 Kit [Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Automatic, 2005] 160.4 PS / 0 Nm @

Post by Jeroen » 26 Aug 2013, 15:23

Raptor Subaru Impreza RS 2.5 Stage 1 MY00 - MY05 Kit created by Raptor superchargers [RAPTOR]

Typical results for a "Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Automatic, 2005": 160.4 PS / 0 Nm @ 8 PSI
For pricing or details on this kit check http://www.raptorsc.com.au/kits.php?id=20
More information on the vendor: http://www.raptorsc.com.au/makes.php

The reliable and well researched option for boosting Subaru EJ 20 and EJ25 NA engines. Giving a 30+% power and 45%torque increase, this kit is unbeatable for driving pleasure and low maintainence. We offer the only piggyback ECU which will give safe engine operation in conjunction with factory ECU. The supercharger is audible during operation.

This kit may make your Subaru RS faster than stock WRX but importantly will level your playing field out on the street or track. DIY friendly for those who wrench on their own vehicles. There is huge untapped potential when used in conjunction with modified camshafts and cylinder heads

The performance of supercharger + intercooler is same as WRX and STI in most comparible years

Email: raptorsc@westnet.com.au


Massively enhances the torque delivery of the boxer engine
Easy to install - less than 6 hrs
Massive torque improvement from 223Nm to 350Nm on Non intercooled
Very upgradeable - Water to Air intercooling option
Suitable for all transmission types
Piggy back ECU for correct fuel and ign control - loaded with tune to suit kit
Linear power delivery
DIY easy
The only subaru SC kit with years of safe engine operation history - no other company offers the proven record of Raptor SC for Subaru
Parts included

Raptor V supercharger
Intercooling is optional - Water to air kit top mount, preconfigured and bolts in with no cutting of vehicle
ProSequential ECU with optional adaptor loom
Shielded pod filter and silicone hose fittings
Robust mounting kit


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