[AD]Autodelta 156 JTS Super [Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 JTS, 2002] 223.1 PS / 260.3 Nm @ 0 PSI

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[AD]Autodelta 156 JTS Super [Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 JTS, 2002] 223.1 PS / 260.3 Nm @ 0 PSI

Post by Jeroen » 26 Aug 2013, 15:22

Autodelta 156 JTS Super created by auto delta [AD]

Typical results for a "Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 JTS, 2002": 223.1 PS / 260.3 Nm @ 0 PSI
For pricing or details on this kit check http://www.autodelta.co.uk/mainframe.htm
More information on the vendor: http://www.autodeltashop.com

The Autodelta 2.0 JTS Super engine represents the world's first supercharged direct injection petrol engine for an Alfa Romeo car. Prior to Autodelta, only the VW/Audi Group applied forced induction principles to the new generation of efficient EURO4 compliant direct injection technology petrol engines.

Autodelta's development team have fully re-engineered the 2.0 JTS package to remain completely EURO4 compliant, spending significant time re-mapping the electronics, and importantly retaining the positive fuel consumption attributes that are well associated with Alfa Romeo's JTS engine. Now power output of this engine has been raised by Autodelta from 165 bhp to 220 bhp @ 6,600rpm while the peak torque delivered is boosted to from 151 lb/ft to 192 lb/ft @ 3,400rpm. In fact the new Autodelta 156 JTS Super pumps out the same level of torque at 2,500 rpm as the potent Alfa Romeo 156 GTA.

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