Spec Stage 3+ clutch and Single Mass Steel Flywheel BMW N54

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Spec Stage 3+ clutch and Single Mass Steel Flywheel BMW N54

Post by Jeroen » 09 Feb 2014, 21:46

I've recently had this set installed in my 335i. The installation was pretty straightforward. Just remember to take the center carrier (sort of a steel shaft of 4 inches) out of the OEM flywheel, as it needs to be reused for the flywheel. Spec failed to include this instruction, and we wasted a day because of it. Nonetheless, the rest of the installation seems straightforward. The car is shaking a little with cold engine, low RPM shifts and between 1000 and 1750 rpm i can hear some vibration, but that could be from my catless downpipes that i had installed at the same time.

Nothing that worries me though. The clutch is certainly heavier than the OEM, but still manageable. The SM flywheel is fantastic. I think it actually improves drivability, it makes the car act much much more aggressive when you go WOT, and while cruising i get the feeling i'm actually getting better MPG, but that is still to be confirmed.

The clutch grips great and i think an improvement for the N54 car. i had a slipping clutch before, i don't think i'll have that problem again soon, even though i'm modding the turbo system significantly, trying to push to 500 whp.

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