How i got boosted

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How i got boosted

Post by Jeroen » 08 Dec 2012, 15:33

My car got boosted !

The price ? I got a good deal because of their summer sale and kept it well under $8000, including the installation. I promised the guys not to discluse the actual price and i'm keeping my end of that deal.

Sunday Morning. My father and i drove from the Netherlands all the way to Kiel Germany. Excited about the days to come. After all these months of research into forded induction and waiting for the next days, it was almost too much. At night we boarded the ferry that will take us to Gotenborg, Sweden. No driving, which gives a break from driving the NA car. Monday morning. In a swift manner all cars unboarded the huge ferry where we spend the night. The next piece of road would lead us to Halden, Norway. We were warned in advance about the height of speeding tickets in Scandinavia, so we took it easy driving to Norway.

Crossing the bridge from Sweden to Norway was not that easy; we drove in the wrong lane, clueless as we were, and i ended up paying the 3 Euro's walking up to the booth, unintentionally nicking the guy's pen when asked to write down my license plate (oops!). My 2001 BMW 325ti Compact has blinded windows and we think it was due to this fact that the Norwegian custom controllers checked our vehicle. This only took a couple of minutes and we were on our way. The plan was to meet with Hans from ESS in the early afternoon. A quick pitstop at the Grand Hotel in Halden (old but relatively cheap with great breakfast!) cleared our final "NA" path to a garage in Aremark where the ESS Stage 2 would be built in by no one less but Hans from ESS himself. I counted myself lucky. He would dyno it before and after the change, so we could compare the before-ponies with the after-horses.

After a very curvy but absolutely stunning road, a wet dream for any rally driver, i finally arrived at the rendez-vous point. Busy as ever Hans greeted me. Though i work out, his firm handshake revealed the time he spend in his life working with metal, wrenches and engines. My computer keyboard hardened hands were no match. We discussed all the beautiful things to happen (compressor, intercooler, dynos, ECU check) and got a car to drive around. So we drove back and he would get started. As a one time bonus service, he was also able to build in a gauge kit oil pressure/temp sensor.

The next day, late in the afternoon, the long awaited phone call comes in. The car is ready. The before-dyno revealed 175 ponies, which is, when corrected, 200 HP (DIN) at the crankshaft (15% correction). He said the engine - with 50.000 miles on it - is in perfect shape and performed slightly better than expected; the M54B25 is rated at 192 HP. The after dyno revealed 272 horses on the wheels, which means 320 HP at the engine. Exactly like promised ! This made me a very happy Jeroen. "One more thing", Hans mentioned, "the MAF sensor is off scew and it makes the car running too lean." I should replace it ASAP. He warned me that it was not going to be cheap. He also warned us to take it easy on the car because of it. Bummer !!!

We drove back over the beautiful road from the garage, finally enjoying my new, FI boosted car. I just couldn't stop smiling. It was the first time in my life i drove a boosted car, though e46fanatics member Safar had met me earlier to demo his ESS TS2 BMW 328i. So even though i had felt the power already, this was the very first time i could control it, but i had to take it easy, due to the failing MAF. Still, the Twinscrew has a bundle of power from 2200-4000 compared to NA. Each straight on the hilly road gave me a chance to press down the pedal. What a joy. When we reached the hotel, it was late already and we decided to drive back the next day. I made sure i didn't rev the engine higher than 4000 rpm. I mean seriously, this car just wants to go and go !

The next morning we started on our 1250 KM (700 miles) back to the Netherlands. Everything was smooth. It was a bit too much to do in one day, so we stopped in Flensbug, Germany. I had called The BMW garage earlier that morning, so they had already ordered the MAF sensor (EUR 277, ouch!) and a new air filter. They were so nice to install it for me as a bonus service. Hotel Am Rathaus in the centre was cheap enough and certainly good enough for our last nite on this roadtrip. The final day would be the school example of "save the best for last". We were to hit the famous autobahn for the next 250 miles. With a newly installed MAF sensor. In a boosted car. Dig it? Due to the bad tires i have not pushed it above 200 km/h (125 mph), but it sure is fun to beat pretty much all cars accelerating up to that point that crossed our path on the trip (mostly audi). German roads are under construction between Bremen and Hamburg, so we ended up boosting our way thru traffic for only 100 miles and taking it easy on the other ones. But they were so worth it, averaging a speed of close to 170 kmh/ 110 mph. In holland we had to relax a bit again. Our country has "flitsers" (speed cameras) on way too many spots on all roads. FI could mean the fastest way to a ticket. I don't want to proof that point. We reached home again in the afternoon and the trip is described for me in one word. Epic !

I remember Safar saying "expect no miracles". But an FI boosted BMW, with more than 50% power increase is nothing short from it. My father quotes a german one line "Man gewöhnt sich so schnell an das Schöne" (you get used to the wonderful things quickly). I think each time you press down that pedal, and you feel your adrenaline quick and the blood drawn from your arms from the acceleration, it will take some time to get used to it. The BMW slogan in the Netherlands reads "BMW maakt rijden geweldig" (BMW makes driving fantastic). Why (the heck) isn't each BMW supercharged from the factory ? It was good before, but it's a miracle ride now.

Things learned:

- long drives is best done with a companion that also has a license.
- Going on a trip with your father is like looking into a mirror.
- don't pass on a trip with your father, you get to learn more about eachother and it's a great time to really talk things thru.
- ESS Tuning rocks !


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