AEM Boost Gauge (30-4100) en AFR (30-4406) installed

Gauges can help you monitor your boosted car and check that oil temperature, oil pressure, exhaust oxygen level or boost pressure is as expected.
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AEM Boost Gauge (30-4100) en AFR (30-4406) installed

Post by Jeroen » 16 Feb 2014, 18:12

Hi guys,

I've installed both a boost gauge 30-4100 and an AFR gauge 30-4406 from AEM. These are digital gauges, of the typical 52mm. The O2 sensor was installed a few weeks ago. When installing, i read in the manual that actually this is not the right way to do it, you should have the gauge connected AND POWERED to the sensor. Oops !

It's a nightmare on my car to decide where to drill/weld the hole for the o2 sensor. We ended up guessing where to weld it, and i choose to be half way on the downpipe. During the install i was told that it fits. Lucky me.

Anyways, the cable was already thru the firewall opening on the driver's side, so we now "only" had to power it. Furthermore, the boost gauge also need to be connected and it too needs a rather large cable go thru the firewall.

I used fuse number 30 to tap the power signal and split it immediately. I used a 2.5 mm speaker cable and went behind the center console with a simple iron wire. Plenty of space there. At the driver's side i removed the board on top of the pedals (3 screws) and the side hear airbag panel, so you can get the wires going straight up. I have two tilteable pods that are glued to the dash, so i could move them if i'm not happy, later on. The ground signal was lead to a screw of the break pedal, which sits perfectly close to where all the cables come out of the fire wall.

It took us about 6 hours to install, some was wasted trying to find a good place for the pods and how to get to the firewall. Under the hood you can shove aside some rubber air duct and with some pliers or hook you can fetch anything coming thru the firewall.

The gauges needs bulky cables and the connection is via a large (11+ pin) JST connection(s). All in all a straightforward, but time consuming job. We did it with two people. If you do it alone, i imagine it is rather difficult, because you something needs to have hands on two sides of the car fetching and guiding cables.

I will take a picture soon of the result.
Kind regards,

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