Special Thanks for helping with the organisation

Here you can find and post all pictures reviews, comments ideas for the meeting.
In case you want to participate as a VIP or Special, please drop us a mail at [email=info@ctsm.nl?subject=Aanmelding Custom Turbo en Supercharger Meeting&body=Vergeet niet foto van je auto, type, mod lijstje en eventuele dyno aan te leveren]info@cstm.nl[/email] This is a Dutch meeting, so mails may be in Dutch of course !
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Special Thanks for helping with the organisation

Post by Jeroen » 08 Dec 2012, 16:51

First of all, of course a big thank you to my family for backing me up and helping out with many parts of the organisation. An event like this cannot be done by one person.
Special thanks to Rogier for making the music play ! It's very dear to me. I'm stil debating whether we can have a small stage for some live music.
Special thanks to Kevin the house photographer for all his help during and after the meetings. What's a meeting without the pictures ? If there's no proof, it didn't happen !
Thank you to all the car forums that allowed me to post, i hope you'll allow me to post more in the future. I hope my meeting post is not seen as spam, but as a yearly interesting event to which all members are welcome, either as a visitor or as a VIP.

Special thanks to the shoarmateam.nl. Tjabbo helped me since the beginning setting up a base on the internet for the meeting. Although with this forum i no longer require that, i won't forget it either. He and his whole Toyota Supra team have been an integral part of the meeting since the first one. I hope this remains ! Also, at the meeting itself, quite some member have helped setting up the venue. I cannot do this meeting alone and i really appreciate the extra help !

Big thanks to Pappa Maus and Streetgasm for representing with a large group of very special cars since the second meeting. It's very much appreciated !

Special thanks to AC Restaurant in Zevenaar for giving me a venue for the first two meetings
Big thanks to gemeente Zevenaar for helping with a lot of things for the third meeting and hopefully for the next meetings to come !
Big thanks to the people near the centre of Zevenaar for allowing me to have this meeting. Your center is quite enjoyable and i hope you'll allow me to keep hosting this meeting.

Thank you for the local media, in particular "Zevenaarse post" for bringing this meeting to the public's attention.
Thank you all visitors for coming to take a look. All of the VIP car owners put a lot of effort and money into their vehicles. Seeing a crowd show up to admire and talk about their car is the reward of the hard work. It's appreciated by all !

Thank you Germany for not enforcing a speed limit yet near Zevenaar. Thank you police for helping with this meeting, rather than trying to stop it. Custom work will always be done and although not always 100% legal, we certainly try to keep it 100% safe.

And last but not least, thanks to all the VIPs and specials that have shown up. Without you, there is no meeting. Without you, this won't last in the future, so please come again, you are helping me realise this dream.

Boosted Greetings,
Jeroen Cabbolet

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