The History of DubVersion's Custom Turbo and Supercharger Meeting

Here you can find and post all pictures reviews, comments ideas for the meeting.
In case you want to participate as a VIP or Special, please drop us a mail at [ Custom Turbo en Supercharger Meeting&body=Vergeet niet foto van je auto, type, mod lijstje en eventuele dyno aan te leveren][/email] This is a Dutch meeting, so mails may be in Dutch of course !
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The History of DubVersion's Custom Turbo and Supercharger Meeting

Post by Jeroen » 08 Dec 2012, 15:32

In may 2009 I purchased a BMW E46 325ti Compact of 2001. Despite popular view, i really like the look of the E46 compact. I owned an E36 316ti Compact before, and it was time for me to get a famous straight 6 under my right foot. The day i got the compact, was the day that i fell in love with powerfull cars. And i grew up around BMWs, my father was a BMW salesman at a local dealership for 25 years. But it wasn't until i bought this car that the power spark ignited my attention.

At work, i started digging around for mods to make the car quicker. And after talking to a colleague who also modded his Volkswagen a bit a few years earlier, we stumbled upon Forced induction upgrades. Even though i understood the principle a little bit, i was a true rookie. But the numbers puzzled my mind: for a good amount of money the car would get a serious amount of power. With the ESS Tuning supercharger kit, the car jumps from 192 factory PS to over 300 PS. Being a cautious person, i first did some more research and found another guy in the Netherlands with the same kit. He offered to demonstrate his car. We met and I was very impressed. The kit really turns a fast car into a performance car, similar to the M3. I had to get this kit in my car !

I've written my story on how i got the car to ESS Tuning here.

If got the supercharger kit somewhere in September 2009 and by January 2010 i wanted to meet other people with this kit. As said i already knew the guy that got me on the "boost-crack", now i wanted to meet the other addicts. I was a member of a few local BMW forums and posted the question there. This is when i learnt that here in the Netherlands, only a handful of people on each forum have customized forced induction. By June 2010 i knew that a meeting with only BMW cars would take 4 parking spots. And i wanted more !

So i became a member of many more car forum of all brands and kindly asked the admins if they allow to seek other performance addicts. With only a few months to spare i knew that this first meeting would just be a start. I quickly needed a good spot to host it. I powered up the computer with Google maps, checked our A12 highways which kinda splits our country in the middle and then searched for a border town with Germany. Coincidentally and unbeknownst to me ( :roll: ) there is no speed limit only 5 km from the meeting point. Just enough distance to warm up the engine. I was fortunate enough to get about 30 cars to the meeting.
I also allowed some rare N/A or stock performance cars to come to the meeting. I call them Specials. The VIP cars have true custom work done to the turbo system. Of course there are shades of grey there too, but i'm not that fussy. The guidelines are getting tighter by the year to lift the meeting to a high quality meeting, but rules can be bent a bit to not disappoint the enthousiasts. That's why the VIP parking is separated from the visitor's parking. And basically only signed up VIPs and Specials are allowed entrance.

The formula seems to be a success and the meeting is growing. Potentially the formula would work in any country or state. Feel free to hit me up with an email if you want help setting up a local Custom Turbo and Supercharger meeting. Make sure the meeting is always free for both visitors and VIPs. I'm targeting entry level people as visitors as well as domain experts and local "heros". Petrol is already very expensive and the fact that people want to come show their car is the only price i'm asking.

Boosted greetings,

Jeroen Cabbolet
aka Dubverison

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