cp-e CAI for BMW N54B30 engine

Cold Air Intake system is a device used to bring cold air into the car combustion engine to increase power and efficiency
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cp-e CAI for BMW N54B30 engine

Post by Jeroen » 01 Jul 2013, 15:57

I've installed the dual cones on my BMW. It should have been fairly straightforward, but i installed it together with cp-e's chargepipe and Tial BOV, it wasn't as straightforward as i'd hoped. It was difficult to fit it onto the OEM piping, but with some oil we managed to put it on. Because you remove the airbox, and the airbox actually holds a few lines in place, the engine bay is not quite so neat. The cones themselves also move around and are even touching some parts that can become hot. Although the intakes themselves look nice and the additional equipment to install it looks good and solid, i'm a bit disappionted with the end result.

Some CAI's come with a box/wall to keep the hot air from the engine away from the CAI's. Although i'm still to to proof that this actually is an improvement, maybe it's worth considering. It would require additional elbow bends to match up the cones so it would fit the box.

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