cp-e catless downpipes for BMW N54 engine

The downpipe is a pipe that bolts to the back of the turbine housing of a turbocharger and begins the exit of the exhaust gas out of the car. When you look for down pipes you will typically run into 4 kinds. 1. Blank plate: Identical to stock construction with the wastegate portion completely covered. 2. Bellmouth: Completely open design. 3. Split bellmouth: Similar to bellmouth only with a divider inserted to separate the wastegate. 4. Divorced or Twin Dump: Separate exhaust and wastegate piping that connect further downstream.
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cp-e catless downpipes for BMW N54 engine

Post by Jeroen » 09 Feb 2014, 21:38

I've recently had this set of catless downpipes installed on my car. Unfortunately, i was not able to assist with it. It was done together with fitting the upgraded RB turbos and the Spec clutch Stage 3+ (non SAC) and steel single mass flywheel. It's about 2-3 days work. Afterwards, the car is quite different. The clutch is heavier, but not annoying, and the flywheel vibrates a little bit with low RPM ( under 1750) shifts. The downpipes sounds more aggressive for sure and at WOT i get some vibration between 1000 - 1750 RPM. Because the clutch has a 500 km break-in period, i reverted back my tune to the Stage 0 Cobb AP tune. But even then, you can feel how fast the car becomes. You feel the downpipes and flywheel really make the car a lot quicker.

I talked to the mechanic who did the install and he is not an aftermarket part expert; he works mainly with BMW and Mini cars. He was quite pleased with the overall fitting of all parts. He did the install by removing the steering rack and keeping the transmission off when doing the turbo fitting. Only one screw (i think he said of the oil line) is a complete nightmare to get to when uninstalling one of the turbos. He says it's a pretty cramped work space but manageable.

The break-in period has ended i've had my first joy running on Cobb Stage 2+ aggressive. the car is a beast and this was under wet conditions. Soon we'll dyno the car to see the numbers backing up the overall feeling that the car has undergone MAJOR surgery.

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