Cobb AccessPort for BMW N54

The brain (ECU) of the car is responsible for pretty much everything electronic in the car, so also for making the engine run. In some cases, tuners choose to use an aftermarket kit to control parts of the engine and drive system, in order to better manage the extra power gained from a tune. Sometimes the aftermarket ECU completely replaces engine management, and sometimes it only corrects signals going to various parts of the engine , such as the MAF sensor signals, fuel pump or ignition (piggy back system). Piggy-back fuel controllers are popular because they allow users to modify stock fuel injection without replacing the entire ECU. They operate in various ways. Some of them modify the injector duty cycle control signals as they travel from the ECU to the injectors. Others modify input data to the ECU (like MAF for example), effectively “tricking” the ECU into delivering more or less fuel at a given RPM. Using flex fuel in many cases also demands aftermarket ECUs.
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Cobb AccessPort for BMW N54

Post by Jeroen » 22 Jul 2013, 16:05

I've used this unit now for some time and it's absolutely awesome. Highly recommended. The only downside is that you can only use it for one car at a time; if you want to use it for another car, you'll have to "unmarry" it from the previous car. Cobb also deliverys great support; they've added my model car within 24 hours with a new firmware update, as it didn't recognize my car out of the box or after the latest software update.

It holds many tunes created by Cobb and reflashing only takes a few minutes. Each tune is for specific recommended or mandatory upgrades. Of course it also features "Stage 1" tunes that require no hardware upgrade.

I did get quite some error codes after installing my tune, but i think it's due to faulty hardware (either my HPFP pump which was installed the day after i installed the Cobb module) and/or my turbo, which has been making strange noises (wastegate rattle). I do not see how it's linked to the Cobb map/tune, as i have gotten these codes after unmarrying the unit.

One map, the Stage 1+FMIC aggresive is not making more power than my Stage 1 LT Sport, which is strange. It's currently under investigation, i need to collect more data and send it to Cobb for further analysis.

Last but not least, the on board diagnostic info and the ability to save a run is critical for custom tuning the module, which is allowed with Cobb's software.

Alternatives would by the BMS unit (JB4), but i have no first hand experience with it.


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