Tial BOV for BMW N54B30 in combination with cp-e Chargepipe

A blow off valve eliminates compressor surge and prevents premature boost leakage, while increasing boost response between shifts.
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Tial BOV for BMW N54B30 in combination with cp-e Chargepipe

Post by Jeroen » 01 Jul 2013, 16:06

I've installed the Tial BOV on the cp-e chargepipe. It was a difficult installation. the BOV itself neatly fits on the chargepipe, but the aluminium clamp connecting the two is thin and in order to put the clamp on you need to bend it, it makes you afraid to break it. That didn't happen though.

The sound of the Tial BOV is a typical turbo sneeze. I hope it will help prevent possible overboost issues once i have my car running on high boost and of course avoid backpressure on the compressor wheel during shifts.

the cp-e chargepipe looks awesome, but the installation is a small nightmare. I was also not amused with the weird non OEM inbus screws to reconnect the MAF sensor. Why not use the OEM screws ? The N54 engine bay is quite crowded. I installed this together with another intercooler and CAI's. the end result is that the power steering reservoir needed to be repositioned and only tightened on one bolt, rather than the two provided. It still sits against the BOV, but at least it can move around a bit. If they had made the hole for the BOV in a different spot, this would have been totally avoided. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that i also have a different intercooler (Helix) which comes with some new piping that pushes up the pipe leading to the chargepipe.
I'm happy with the BOV and the sound, and although the chargepipe looks like an improvement, i'm not so happy with the fitting.

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