A supercharger (also known as a blower) is an air compressor used to compress air into the cylinders of an internal combustion engine. The additional mass of oxygen-containing air that is forced into the cylinders improves the volumetric efficiency of the engine which allows the engine to burn more fuel and makes it more powerful. A supercharger can be powered mechanically by belt-, gear- or chain-drive from the engine's crankshaft. Positive displacement pumps (e.g. Eaton, Lysholm, G-lader) deliver a fixed volume of air per revolution at all speeds. Internally, there are two (sometimes three) lobes that rotate, sucking in the air and force-feeding it to the engine. A centrigual supercharger (e.g. Rotrex) looks more like the compressor house of a turbocharger. The first type does not suffer from lag at all, but at high speed they take a lot of engine power to keep delivering the needed boost.
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