Intercooler (IC, FMIC)

An intercooler is just another name for a heat exchanger that is used to cool air that has been compressed by either a supercharger or a turbocharger. ITis placed somewhere in the path of air that flows from the turbo or supercharger to the engine. An intercooler is needed because of the physics of air described in the Ideal Gas Law, that is PV=nRT. When the intercooler sits in front of the car, to benefit from wind from driving the car to vent the absorbed heat, we call it an FMIC: front mounted intercooler.

Explaining the ideal gas law as basic as we can, we can say that because pressure and temperature are directly proportional, as you create more pressure with your turbo or supercharger, you produce more heat as well. Hot air is less dense and therefore contains less molecules of oxygen per unit volume. This means less air for the motor in a given stroke and therefore less power produced. Hot air also causes a higher cylinder temperature and therefore can aid in pre-detonation of the combustion cycle causing detonation.
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Intercooler (IC, FMIC)
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