We are always looking for new project cars for our meeting.
If you have a nice project to show, please email us meeting@CustomTurboWorld.com with
  • Car brand and type
  • Year
  • License plate (for recognition at the entrance)
  • Mobile number
  • Picture of the car / under the hood
  • dyno sheet of estimated power torque
  • Modifications to engine,driveline,suspension,exterior and interior
We convert this to an info sheet for others to read at the event.
Latest video of the Custom Turbo and supercharger meeting

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This site is an attempt to bring all aftermarket turbo and supercharger kit manufacturers, professional tuners and the mechanics and hobbyists together. Too many times the same mistakes are made by the Do It Yourself hobbyist, loosing precious time and money. The site is not connected to any brand or manufacturer, although all manufacturers of after market kits are welcome to be a part of the community. It is a site to review and discuss after market customized turbo and supercharger projects. Of course it's absolutely free to use and a registered user has a right to contribute to the forum. Please note that abuse, spam or other inappropriate threads or posts will be removed. This is not a site to argue what the best kit is or how customer service has failed you. It is a site where we seek technical solutions to typical problems. It is a place to share your thoughts and lessons learnt with the whole community, so your hard work will be noticed by the rest !

The forum has some simple rules to make it more powerful. Each thread and each post can be connected to a car (and thus to an engine). This makes searching for similar kits easier ! To make this entry easy, make sure you update your profile for default behavior. The website features:

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Your kits and professional services need to be known. Your quality, satisfying results and eye for detail can match competition. And knowledge of what's on the market can only benefit your own R&D attempts. You cannot afford to keep track of every website referring to one of your products, so you can focus on one the few that are in the centre. You can trust the moderators for keeping things objective and who know the difference between beneficial feedback and the occasional mishaps you rather not have aired. Your company's topic can feature special offers and news to keep potential consumers coming back.

Why consumers should join

This site will soon offer the largest and most complete overview of what's out there for your car. And you can get in touch with enthousiast with similar project cars, and with professionals tuners in your neighborhood to help you out with your project. Mishaps and lessons learnt are stored in diagnostic cases for others to study and give feeback on, so you'll quickly overcome any issues you may encounter and avoid the typcial pitfalls. And while the project advances, you can showcase your car for an international audience.


This website was created by car enthousiasts, who spent a big chunk of their time and money in aftermarket turbos and superchargers. On 21 august 2010, we hosted the DubVersion's Custom Turbo and Supercharger meeting in Zevenaar. This meeting featured a neat selection of some streetlegal cars with customized turbo systems of all brands. The meeting has gained popularity and size. The host of the meeting, Jeroen Cabbolet, is a member of many dutch car forums. Being new to the custom turbo world, bought a BMW which he subsequently fitted a suppercharger. He then tried to meet up with more owners of after market boosted cars. The first meeting was born. The yearn for more knowledge and general information on how to build and maintain these customized cars is scattered over many websites. Worse, for the layman it's hard to distinguish facts from fiction.
This website is an effort to bridge the gap between enthousiasts and professionals and have all relevant information in one convenient website.

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Sign up, it's free ! Get in touch with the world of aftermarket turbo and supercharger systems. Share your experiences, mishaps and successes. Create a profile of your show case car to get the attention it deserves. On many car forums, the forced induction section is but a small group of the regulars. On this site, everyone, from all over the world can be an active contributor. And if you have thoughts and ideas on how to improve this website, please feel free to contribute. Guests only have limited access. We chose this approach to deny spammers, trolls or other unwanted abusers access.


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